Shower voyeur pictures

I found this shower voyeur picture on It’s part of a bigger set of pictures. Apparently someone was able to sneak in a hidden camera in the shower and film all those girls! Now that is some nice work, don’t you think? Wouldn’t you just love to be there as well. Shower with all those hot naked girls? Soap there nice firm tits and asses AND film it sneaky so you can watch it back later!

I ‘d love to see the actually voyeur video as these are obviously screengrabs. If anyway has it, let me know and i’ll post it here. Thanks!

voyeur shower Shower voyeur pictures

What is voyeurism? Why do we watch voyeur pictures and movies?

Voyeurism is defined as the act of or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate or private acts or behaviors without their knowledge.  The subject being spied upon is usually undressing, bathing, or involved in some sexual activity, while the voyeur is surreptitiously observing the subject from perhaps an open window or from afar by means of using binoculars or a telescope.  Some voyeuristic acts, fantasies, or behaviors are classified as a type of paraphilia, or sexual abnormality or deviance.  The voyeur usually engages in masturbation during the act of spying or shortly thereafter, using the illicitly acquired images as an aid to self gratification.

Laws vary from country to country and state to state, classifying voyeurism from everything to a sex crime to merely a “nuisance offense.”  A voyeur, or “Peeping Tom,” usually conjures up images of the town weirdo in dark clothing peering into the neighborhood ladies’ windows to watch them undress, gaining salacious gratification from receiving a “free show” knowing the subject on view is unaware of someone watching their every move.  Or the accountant returning home from work to his urban high rise, training his expensive telescope into the windows of buildings down the street in hopes of catching that attractive business lady sloughing off her power suit and heels, or the hippie artist girl in her claws foot bathtub surrounded by candles.  Or high school boys drilling holes in the girls’ locker rooms to observe them undressing and showering.  And who hasn’t heard stories of men wearing mirrors on the tops of their shoes, positioning their feet under women’s skirts?  There was even a story not long ago of a young man in Colorado who took voyeurism to the extreme by hiding in the tanks of portable toilets at outdoor festivals, covered by a tarp, to witness women relieving themselves.

Technology and gadgetry is also becoming more commonplace in the world of voyeurism.  Hidden cameras are now quite affordable, unobtrusive, and easily acquired.  A voyeur with only a small investment in money, setup and time can easily install a hidden camera to tape or live stream a subject in a store dressing room, public restroom, fitness center locker room, or tanning salon.  There are also two-way mirrors, concealed audio devices, and even cameras that can be hidden on the voyeur’s person, such as positioned in a necktie or even a wristwatch.  The voyeur pictures or videos can then be viewed later as a masturbatory aid.  These voyeur pictures and videos also serve as a memento or trophy of the spying session, often giving the voyeur an adrenaline rush similar to that achieved by a shoplifter, but with a distinct sexual edge, allowing the voyeur to revisit the experience again and again.

Legal issues aside, depending on both the severity of the act and other circumstances, voyeurism can also be a profitable enterprise.  A man could turn a one night stand in his bedroom into a 30-minute video shot in night vision to be sold to an online distributor or black market producer.  One could even consider paparazzi shots as a form of profitable voyeurism; photographers use high powered telephoto lenses trained on celebrities in hopes of catching them in make-out sessions by their swimming pools or in otherwise sexual situations with persons other than their equally famous spouses, selling these voyeur pictures for top dollar to the tabloids.  Reality television could even be sometimes construed as a type of voyeurism.  Viewers become fascinated watching the subjects, especially the famous ones, in what is supposed to be a private environment behind closed doors.  The act of voyeurism is also referenced and celebrated in other pop culture mediums such as movies, songs, and even classic literature and the Bible.
Voyeurism is a drive or kink that’s been around since time began, and will likely be a compulsion and practice within human society forever. is a site with many voyeur pictures and movies!